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One of the eeriest stories to come out of the investigations at the Canadian National Exhibition started off like most, as a mystery. We were working in the second floor archives when our audio surveillance kept recording strange and unusual sounds along with EVPs of a male.

The male would call someone named Dan or Danny always giving him instructions on what to do. This social interaction seemed at first one sided. The instructions were always clear and on the most part friendly but then there were times where the person giving the instructions seemed angry or even frustrated.

He would call for Danny and tell him, “Go see where they are”. Or to be quiet and to get back. Sometimes he would just yell “Danny”. Over and over again.

It was Paul who noticed the odd sounds, which seemed to interplay each time this person called for Danny. Like the ringing of bells, a horn, a whistle or the sounds of a baby rattle. Paul made it his mission to figure out the mystery of Danny.

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Paranormal Physics

Part 2

I struggled for a little while to figure out what would be the best place to start.  One of my criteria was that I cannot assume that every reader is already familiar with any given discussion.  But we really don’t need to start with the very beginning of basic physics.

So, I decided we should start our journey with some basic information and concepts to enable the reader to visualize the reality around us.  We creatures perceive our three dimensional surroundings relatively well, but stumble when it comes to higher dimensional reality.  Thus we will attempt to give ourselves a mental picture that can help us grab the concept, even if that picture is not an actual replica of what is going on.

So without further delay, let’s dig in.

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Paranormal Physics

Part 1

Welcome.  My name is John.  I joined the Search Group a few years back, in a technical support capacity.  My interest in the paranormal is that of a cautious skeptic.  And while I know there can be some everyday explanations for some occurrences, I have come to believe that there are also truly unusual events that defy normal explanation and yet can be supported by physics theories.

My Searcher Group blog contributions aim to give credence to paranormal events and experiences through current day physics theories.

There is slight risk that some folks would rather keep the mystery surrounding paranormal activity.  Almost like proving the physical existence of God may mess with one’s faith by seemingly reducing these things to a human, understandable explanation.  Some people may not like to hear it.  But it should be considered as evidence that what they believe in is real.

Okay, so I am not a theoretical physicist.  I’m not even sure I can be considered an “enthusiast”.  But I do search out and read what I can in the quest for answers that work for me, and hopefully for you.

I will do my best to provide graphics, links to videos and anything else that will help envision what I describe and, as we get further along, link it to some typical paranormal events in which these physics theories can offer at least one explanation.

Most folks are familiar with the 3 dimensional world.  And I’m pretty certain they are also familiar with the 4th dimension.  The dimension known as time.

But there is much more to the universe than a mere 4 dimensions.  Hopefully we can explore these things together, and I promise to keep it in as plain language as I can (I don’t think I can manage the technical jargon myself anyway!).