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What is the difference between past, present and future states? Are we, the living more solid than a ghost?

Something to think about…

Before we consider what ghosts might be we have to consider what we are as living breathing humans living in the physical world.

Most people feel through perception of our reality that they have a firm grasp of what we are, not so. This makes it more difficult for us to understand ghosts.

Because of our perceptions we believe we are solid physical beings in a solid physical world; however this is a basic illusion.

Body shape with dots inside and swirls of blue circling the body representing energy

If examining the human body, which is made up of cells and the cells are made from atoms and atoms are 99.99999999% empty space, then you are only .00000001% physical.

Albert Einstein’s E=mc2 shows the dense parts of the atom come from nowhere into particle matter and then disappear into nowhere as an energy field. This means you are constantly changing from an energy field to a partial physical form, which hardly exists as dense matter.

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