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Ghost Activity Caught on Surveillance

The above video shows ghost activity caught on surveillance by Paul Palmisano while investigating a haunted location in Toronto.  This reoccurring light phenomena moves down the wall opening and closing “windows” to the other side.

The Meeting Place | BRTV Documentary – Humber College

Produced and Directed by Melissa DeSousa

Please have a look at a documentary on the story produced and directed by Melissa DeSousa student at Humber College.

It was a beautiful country setting steeped in history. The building was originally a church built almost 200 years ago and over time was used as a private residence, farm, rental property and business.

We started our investigation like any other, the house was warm and inviting, however looking back this may have been part of the trap. Almost immediately we were capturing spirit voices on our recording equipment. Over time the investigation started to change, the team started to experience unexplainable injuries, warnings from our mediums about an entity on the property trying to look like a child. Then the visitations of something following us from the property to our homes. The signs of something dark, possibly even evil started to emerge. We discovered in the long history of this property that abuse had taken place here, because it was once a church these activities might be seen as a desecration and possibly inviting to negative energies. We understood this however we proceeded with our investigation anyways. It wasn’t until the deliberate physical attack by the spirits upon a team member that caused us to do something we never thought we would do, walk away from an investigation.

 The Searcher Group has done several investigations for Heritage Buildings in Ontario.  We have worked in collaboration with city of Mississauga on some properties with a lot of history. 

This investigation is featured in “Ghosts” novel by Richard Palmisano, it was a 3 year investigation of the property which brought us a lot of opportunities to use our investigative and research skills. The spirits in the property were very social which led to interesting interactions between the investigators and the spirits.

The following episodes were created by Darrin LaPointe and Richard Palmisano and were posted on Youtube.

Episode 1