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Southern Ontario Paranormal Society - Steve Genier

Steve Genier – SOPS


We would like to welcome Steve Genier the Founder and lead investigator of Southern Ontario Paranormal Society (SOPS).

Richard: Can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you came to be interested in pursuing the paranormal?

Steve: Involved with the film industry off and on since 1997. In several capacities including cinematography, writing as well as editing. Though I have been interested with or in the paranormal since I was a kid with an experience I had had when I was 13 years old. Shortly after graduating from film school was when I decided to research and investigate the paranormal. Use techniques I had learned in film school to try and gather evidence. 2005, I decided to share and network with others in the field by forming Southern Ontario Paranormal Society (SOPS).

Richard: I see you have a number of team members. Are they assigned specific jobs on an investigation or are they permitted to basically follow their own personal objectives?

Steve: They are open to experiment in areas that interest them the most within the several aspects available in an investigation. I feel that in order to get best results, it’s always good to leave things open and to never discount elements that may help us understand.

Richard: During an investigation does your team always agree on what seems to be occurring?
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Banner for Sault Ste Marie Paranormal Research Group

Investigating Under Opposition: 

One of the first facets people discover when they are introduced to the work of The Searcher Group is our stellar reputation regarding the issue of trustworthiness. For over three decades, we have assured and made good on our promises to clients from safety procedures to anonymity concerns.

Most groups with a professional mindset share this approach to their work and those are the teams TSG wishes to associate with, especially since there may come a time when we’ll need to confidently refer a client to that other team for reasons of logistics (ie. when TSG is too far to be able to aid a client calling for help).

In our ongoing efforts to establish credibility to ourselves, the work that we do and the field we are exploring and researching, we prefer to share our real names and images in a gesture of openness, honesty and that all-important trust. As such, TSG does not endorse or associate with groups that opt to hide behind anonymous hashtags or e-mail handles. After all, if you had a problem and decided to call in a paranormal investigations team, would you contact a faceless stranger at to handle your personal woes?

That being said, how does a team of earnest, hard-working and multi-talented investigators even manage to exist when they’re based in the centre of an entire community populated by a majority who vehemently deny and outright oppose anything remotely associated with the paranormal? Well, as you may guess, in order for them to do their work, their members must remain anonymous.

Introducing the Sault Ste. Marie Paranormal Research Group (SSMPRG), a team of female investigator/researchers established in 2006. The backgrounds of its current membership range from knowledge of quantum physics and Wiccan/Occult symbols to real estate, pharmaceuticals and police services. You will not find surnames or photos of the SSMPRG online, due to the dense Catholic and Aboriginal populous surrounding them; to avoid persecution and keep their day jobs, this is an unfortunate but necessary policy they uphold. 

Still, the collective skills the team applies to those occasional cases (when a member of the community genuinely requires answers) intrigued me enough that we conducted an interview for our and your reading pleasure. Continue Reading

Colorado Paratech banner

Based out of Colorado Springs – Colorado Para-Tech Investigations, is an organization comprised of seasoned paranormal investigators whose mission is to provide factual and realistic answers based on hard evidence to businesses, families, and individuals in Colorado. They are also Colorado Paranormal Technology, dba Colorado Para-Tech, a paranormal investigation equipment manufacturing division that was born from the creation of the Ghost Light. To visit their website please click on the photo above.

Rich Horn - CO Para-tech

Rich Horn


Interview with Rich Horn,

Investigator -Tech & Video Specialist



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You’re a manager, a security personnel-head or a property-owner going about your usual business, when one fateful day you receive an e-mail or a phone call from someone representing a paranormal research group.

The person on the other end of the line tells you they have learned that you own (or are responsible for) a piece of property that is rumoured to boast some sort of mysterious, perhaps even ghostly activity. They ask if you would be willing to grant their team free access to investigate the property-in-question in an attempt to verify the tales that are associated with that area.



Your first instinct is to brush this person off. You’ve seen or heard about “those ghost shows” on TV and in the media and they’re hard to believe. You have better things to worry about than letting some thrill seekers into your building to prove to themselves and to the Internet how brave they are by tramping around your place in the dark. Half of them startle at the sound of a floorboard creaking and turn-tail anyway, right? What do you stand to gain if you let these people in?

Your demeanour suddenly stiffens. Your voice drops an octave and adopts a stern, take-no-guff tone. Your forefinger hovers over the ‘Delete’ key.

But wait.


Before you delete that e-mail; before you tell this person “No,” outright, please take a moment to consider this: What can you stand to gain if you let these people in?

It depends entirely on the kind of people we’re talking about, here.

The team that has just reached out to you may very well be a respectful, responsible and reputable one. Incredibly, some groups won’t think twice but to trespass and break-and-enter to see their nocturnal thrills realized. (And if the location is furnished or is awaiting renovations, how will these same people treat those components?) The group getting in touch with you is making a good start by asking permission, alone! Continue Reading